Presenter Information

This is the template to prepare your full paper for both oral and poster abstracts. All full papers must be submitted via the paper submission portal no later than 30 August 2022.

Download GHGT-16 Full Paper Template.

This is the template for the E-poster. All posters must be uploaded to the suppliers portal by 3 October, using the link all poster authors were sent 6 September.

Download GHGT-16 EPoster Template.

As a guideline we recommend full papers should not exceed 12 pages including diagrams and references. Below is the link to upload and you will need to use the same login and password you used when submitting your abstract. Any title or author changes should be notified to the secretariat to ensure the correct information is included in the printed conference programme.

For E-posters the template is two pages but if the work fits on one page then delete the spare page – you do not need to use two if you don’t need both.

Please do not change the view it has to stay portrait to fit the screen, your work is displayed on one screen at the time and station advised.

Full paper upload 

Preparing your presentations

E-poster means you will not be required to prepare a paper poster to bring with you to the conference. Instead we will provide you with a poster  template and preparation instructions, which when ready you will be able to upload direct to the supplier managing the E-poster platform, using the link all poster authors were sent on 6 September.

The E-poster stations and screens are found in the exhibition and catering hall in the lower level of the conference centre. Presentations will take place simultaneously at the stations (4 screens per station) 

Poster presentations will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday 25-26 October between 2-4pm CET. All work is to be presented in person ( not virtual) by the author or co-author of the work.

For presenters in the oral technical sessions you are not required to use a GHGT-16 template like the posters. Please use your own organisations PPT template in 16.9 wide screen format. We do not require upload before the conference to a portal, all oral technical sessions presenters will need to bring their presentations on a USB to the speaker upload room at the conference centre and upload ideally 24 hours before their presentation is scheduled.

GHGT-16 Full Paper Template
GHGT-16 EPoster Template