GHGT-16 will take place in the Palais des congrès de Lyon, Lyon, France. 

Below is an overview of the rooms used for the conference. This includes references to the relevant agenda track. The full Conference Programme Agenda can be found here.

The full venue brochure can be found here.

The numbers in brackets reference the numbers in the accompanying pictures.

Track A: Espace Prestige Gratte Ciel (2 & 3)

Track B: Salle Gratte-Ciel 1,2&3 (5, 6 & 7)

Track E: Salle Tete d’Or 1 (14)

Track F: Salle Tete d’Or 2 (15)

Track G: Salon Tete d’Or (12)

Plenary to be held in: Amphitheater Level Cordeliers (18)


Track C: Salle Bellecour 2 & 3 (24 & 25)

Track D: Salle Bellecour 1 (23)

Exhibition: Forum (26-29)