E-Poster Presentations

At GHGT-16 all posters will be presented in person and on poster screens. The screens are set up as 5 poster stations ( 4 screens per station) situated  within the Exhibition/Catering hall on the lower -2 Niveau floor.

The poster sessions take place on Tuesday and Wednesday -25-26 October from 14.00 to 16:00 hours.

As all the work submitted was to 12 main technical themes, the divide of themes is as follows:

Tuesday: all work accepted for poster presentations for the following themes are:

Tuesday E-poster Presentations
Theme 1Advances in Capture technology development
Theme 3CCS for industrial sources (non-power) & Hydrogen
Theme 4CCS technology assessment, cost and system integration
Theme 5CO2 Utilisation for GHG mitigation
Theme 10Public perception and acceptance of CCS and communication on CCS
Theme 11Towards negative CO2 emissions

Wednesday: all work accepted for poster presentations in the remaining themes are:

Wednesday E-poster Presentations
Theme 2Advances in CO2 geological storage
Theme 6Demonstration projects and major national and international CCS research developments and demonstration programs
Theme 7Developments in other storage options for CO2
Theme 8Energy, climate change policies and CCS
Theme 9Legal & Regulatory Aspects of CCS & long term liability of CO2 Storage
Theme 12Transport and infrastructure development

There are more than 370 posters in the sessions, so to ensure each poster can be presented, all authors will be assigned an E-poster station, a screen and a specific time slot.

Authors will receive this prior to the conference and will be required to upload their work on the E-poster template to the supplier managing the stations.

These details will be communicated to the submitting author of the work in the coming weeks.

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