Steering Committee

Florence Delprat-Jannaud, (co-chair) Club CO2
Mr Tim Dixon (co-chair) - IEAGHG
Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol, BRGM
Sophia Chorazewiez, IFPEN
David Nevicato, Club CO2
Philip Llewellyn, TotalEnergies
Suzanne Killick, IEAGHG
Alix Bouxin, ADEME

The GHGT-16 Conference series is organised by the Steering Committee; a group made up from members of the host organisation (Club CO2) with support from the GHGT conference guardians (IEAGHG). The Steering Committee is chaired jointly by Florence Delprat-Jannaud of Club CO2 and Tim Dixon of IEAGHG, and under their leadership the committee arrange the conference assisted by the Technical Programme Committee (TPC) to formulate the technical programme content, and overall structure of the event.

Technical Programme Committee

Philip Llewellyn, (co-chair) TotalEnergies
Tim Dixon (co-chair), IEAGHG
Carlos Abanades, Spanish National Research Council
Dr Mohammad Abu Zahra, Khalifa University
Andrea Ramirez, Delft University of Technology
James Craig, IEAGHG
Sean McCoy, University of Calgary
Susan Hovorka, The University of Texas at Austin
Lincoln Paterson, CSIRO
Matthias Raab, CO2CRC
Paul Feron, CSIRO
Suzanne Killick, IEAGHG

The Technical Programme Committee (TPC) has the overall responsibility to agree the themes and subthemes of the conference. Once abstracts are submitted and reviewed by the Expert Review Panel, the TPC then select the most relevant fitting abstracts for the oral presentations and allocate them to the appropriate oral technical session, the remaining abstracts are assigned to poster sessions.  

Authors are then notified by the Secretariat that their abstract has been selected for an oral or poster session and given a deadline date to prepare and submit the full paper of their work. Providing this work is presented by themselves or a co-author at the GHGT-16 conference, the full paper will be published post conference in the GHGT-16 proceedings on SSRN.