Chair Information

Information will be added to this page in due course – it will contain information specific to Chairing the sessions in a virtual format as required by the Technical team who will be managing the conference. 

Chairs are invited by the GHGT-15 Secretariat and selected by their expert knowledge in the specific theme or subtheme of the session. The Chairs role is to ensure the oral presentations are presented within the allotted time frame, each presenter is introduced correctly and to assist with the Q&A from the audience. The Chairs will also be asked to identify work presented in their sessions suitable to be invited to submit to the Special Issue IJGCI and provide feedback to the Secretariat.

GHGT-15 recognises the importance of the Chairs role to the delivery of the conference and give credit by way of recognition in the printed online GHGT-15 Technical Programme

If you would like to Chair at GHGT-15 and have not been asked to do so at previous GHGT conferences please contact Chairs will be invited later this year and asked to confirm their availability.