Call For Abstracts - Now Open

The call for abstracts for GHGT-17 is now open and will close on 16 January 2024.

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The abstract will be required to be submitted through the GHGT-17 submissions portal using the GHGT-17 template.

Download the GHGT-17 Abstract Brochure

GHGT-17 Themes

When submitting your abstract please ensure you select the correct sub-theme displayed in the drop-down under the main theme to ensure it is allocated to the correct expert reviewer. If you are unsure of the sub-theme you should select ‘other’ in the dropdown under your chosen main theme.

List of GHGT-17  Main Themes for the Technical Programme

  1. Advances in Capture technology development
  2. Advances in CO2 geological storage
  3. CCS for industrial sources (non-power) & Hydrogen
  4. CCS technology assessment, cost and system integration
  5. CO2 Utilisation for GHG mitigation
  6. Demonstration projects and major national and international CCS research developments and demonstration programs
  7. Developments in other storage options for CO2
  8. Energy, climate change policies and CCS
  9. Legal & Regulatory Aspects of CCS & long term liability of CO2 Storage
  10. Public perception and acceptance of CCS and communication on CCS
  11. Towards negative CO2 emissions
  12. Transport and infrastructure development


The associated sub-themes to each main theme are shown in the call for abstracts brochure available to download here and need to be submitted using the GHGT-17 abstract template.

Abstracts should be between 500 and 1000 words, on the conference template, in English, and contain the paper title, author(s) name(s) and organisation(s). Abstracts submitted below or above this word limit may be rejected. The abstract should clearly demonstrate the scope of the proposed presentation or poster. It should also contain enough information for the reviewers to make an informed decision. Graphics and references may be included and will not form part of the word count.

Abstract submissions can be submitted for an oral or a poster presentation. Once reviewed the TPC will have the final decision on the selection for oral or poster presentations if accepted.

We strongly advise you not to submit multiple abstracts if you do not intend to be the end presenter or submit work on behalf of your students or co-author colleagues. Please encourage them to submit the work themselves if they are the intended presenter. All communications relating to the submitted abstracts will only go to the submitting author’s account.

GHGT-17 Conference Secretariat: Suzanne Killick, IEAGHG Events Programme Manager.