Plenary Sessions

6th October Opening Session 

08.50- 09.10 Welcome addresses: Chaired by Kelly Thambimuthu, Chair of the IEAGHG ExCo

09.10 - 10.50 Keynote Talks

7th October 08.10 - 09.00 

Chaired by John Gale, IEAGHG

8th October 08.10 - 09.00 

Chaired by Howard Herzog, MIT

9th October 08.10 - 09.00 

Chaired by Tim Dixon, IEAGHG

14.00 -15.30 Final panel session: Progress on CCS - A Message to Policy Makers

Chaired by Kelly Thambimuthu, Chair of the IEAGHG ExCo

The recent IPCC AR5 emphasises the need for stronger actions to address climate change. This panel session will recognise the developments and advances achieved in CCS in the last 10 years, in order for CCS to play its significant role in addressing climate change. As well as summaries by leading experts, the audience will be asked for their contributions in this interactive session. Delegates will be able to contribute to the session via a web and SMS based realtime facility.


  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015