9F Modelling: Basin Scale and Capacity Assessment

  1. Residual trapping, solubility trapping and capillary pinning complement each| other to limit CO2 migration in deep saline aquifers: 
    Benzhong Zhao, Ruben Juanes, MIT, Christopher W MacMinn, University of Oxford; Herbert E huppert, University of Cambridge and University of New South Wales
  2.  Thermal effects in a depleted gas field by cold CO2 injection in the presence of methane: 
    D Loeve, C Hofstee, JG Maas, TNO

  3. Application of a vertically-integrated model with subscale vertical dynamics to field injection sites for CO2 Storage: 
    Bo Guo, Karl W Bandilla, Michael A Celia, Princeton University; Eirik Keilegvalen, Princeton Univeristy and University of Bergen; Florian Doster, Heriot-Watt University

  4. Ranking importance of uncertainties for the assessment of residual and dissolution trapping of CO2 on a large-scale storage site:
    JC Manceau, J Rohmer, BRGM
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015