9E Financing and Commercial Issues

  1. Application of a risk-based probabilistic model (CCSvt Model) to comparatively value potential risks arising from carbon capture and storage: 
    Chiara Trabucchi, Michael Donlan, Industrial Economics Incorporated; Richard Esposito, Southern Company Research and Technology Management
  2. Technical issues in financing and managing risk of Large-scale oxyfuel CO2 capture power plants in China: 
    Xi Liang, University of Edinburgh; Haibo Zhao, Huazhong Univeristy of Sciences and Technology; Xiaodong Pei, Independant Consultant
  3. The effect of market and leasing conditions on the techno-economic performance of complex CO2 transport and storage value chains: 
    Anna Korre, Zhenggang Nie, Sevket Durucan, Nasim Elahi, Nilay Shah, Imperial College London; Shabana Ahmad, Ward Goldthorpe, The Crown Estate 
  4. Steering CCS research and development to optimise benefits of implementing CCS in the Netherlands: 
    Joris Koorneef, Paul Noothout, Matthew Smith, Chris Hendriks, Ecofys
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015