9A Novel Systems (3)

  1. A low energy aqueous ammonia CO2 capture process: 
    Jozsef Gaspar, Kaj Thomsen Nicolas von Solms, Philip Loldrup Fosbøl, Muhammad Waseem Arshad, Technical University of Denmark; Eirik Ask Blaker,  Birger Langseth, Bilfinger Industiral Services Norway AS; Tord Hansen, SilicaTech
  2. Amino acids/NH3 mixtures for CO2 capture: Effect of neutralization methods on CO2 mass transfer and NH3 loss: 
    Nan Yang, Dongyao Xu, China University of Mining and Technology and CSIRO; Hai Yu ,Paul Feron, CSIRO
  3. A novel process concept for the capture of CO2 and SO2 using a single solvent and column: 
    Graeme Puxty, Steven Chiao-Chien Wei, Paul Feron, Erik Meuleman, CSIRO; Yaser Beyad, Robert Burns, Marcel Maeder, The University of Newcastle

  4. Development of a potassium carbonate-based absorption process with crystallization-enabled high pressure stripping: Vapor-liquid equilibrium behavior and CO2 stripping performance of carbonate/bicarbonate aqueous systems: 
    Shihan Zhang, Xinhuai Ye, Yongqi Lu, Illinois State geological Survey
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015