8E CCS and Water Use

  1. IEAGHG investigation of extracted water from CO2 storage: Potential benefits of water extraction and lessons learned: 
    Ryan Klapperich, Guoxiang Liu, Daniel J Stepan, Melanie D Jensen, Charles D Gorecki, Edward N Steadman, John A  Harju, Energy & Environmental Research Center; David V Nakles, THE CETER Group Inc.; Robert Cowan, EnviTreat LLC
  2. The CO2-PENS water resource module: evaluation of cost profiles and importance scenarios for water extracted during carbon storage: 
    Enid J Sullivan, Shoaping Chu, Rajesh Pawar, LANL
  3. The nexus of water and CCS: A regional carbon sequestration partnership perspective
    Ryan J Klapperich, Daniel J Stepan, Melanie D Jensen, Charlie D Gorecki, Edward N Steadman, John A Harju, University of North Dakota; David V Nakles, The CETER Group Inc.; Andrea T MnNemar, NETL
  4. Reduction of freshwater usage of a coal fired power plant with CCS by applying a high level of integration of all water streams: 
    H Hette, K Hylkema, E.ON New Build & Technology, Andy Read, Maasvlakte CCS (ROAD) Project

  5. Assessment of implementing carbon capture technologies in fossil fuel power plants on regional European water stress index levels:
    Wouter Schakel, Andrea Ramirez, Utrecht University; Stephan Pfister, ETH Zurich
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015