8D CO2 Utilisation (2)

  1. An Ultra-low emissions enhanced thermal recovery process for oil sands: 
    EI Nduagu, ID Gates, University of Calgary
  2. Power-to-Gas - The solution for surplus electrical energy. A design study:
    Ole Buchholz, Louis van der Ham, Rens Veneman, Wim Brilman, Sascha Kersten, University of Twente

  3. Unlocking the potential of CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals as an economically viable route to CCR:
    Rich Masel, Richard Ni, Zengcai Lu, Qingmei Chen, Dioxide Materials; Laura Nereng, Dale Lutz, Krzysztof Lewinski, 3M Company

  4. Development of efficient bio-nano system for conversion of CO2 to value added chemical formate through bioelectrochemical process: 
    Yong Hwan Kim, Kwangwoon University

  5. Optimisation of the production of MgO from Brine through Carbon Sequestration:
    Rui Hao, Abir Al Tabbaa, University of Cambridge
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015