8B Trapping Mechanisms (2)

  1. Testing some common concepts in CO2 storage:
    Tony Espie, BP plc; Andrew Woods, University of Cambridge

  2. CO2 exsolution – challenges and opportunities in subsurface flow management: 
    Lin Zuo, Sally Benson, Stanford University

  3. Buoyancy-driven multi-phase flow in heterogeneous materials:
    TA Meckel, SL Bryant, The University of Texas at Austin

  4. GaMin’11 – an international interlab comparison for geochemical CO2 - saline fluid - mineral interaction experiments: 
    C Ostertag-Henning, A Risse,BGR; B Thomas, R Rosenberger, United States Geological Survey; C Rochelle, G Purser, BGS; J Rosenqvist, B Yardley, University of Leeds; A Karamalidis, Carnegie Mellon University and NETL; C Griffiths, S Hedges, R Dilmore, A Goodman, NETL; J Black, R Haese, CO2CRC; C Dausner, N Bigalke, M Haeckel, GEOMAR; A Fischer, A Liebscher, GFZ; JP Icenhower, D Daval, GD Saldi, KG Knauss, LBNL; M Schmidt, Martin Luther-University; S Mito, RITE; M Sorai, AIST; L Truche, Universite de Lorraine

  5. CO2 fate comparison for depleted gas field and dipping saline aquifer:
    Jereon Snippe, Shell Global
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015