8A Solvents and Process Modelling

  1. Use of metal-organics based solvents for CO2 capture: 
    Richard H Hyen, Ugochukwu E Aronu, Karl Anders Hoff, Terje Didriksen, Bjørnar Arstad, Richard Blom, SINTEF
  2. Designer Amines for Post Combustion CO2 capture processes: 
    Qi Yang, Susan James, Graeme, Puxty, Paul Feron, William Conway, CSIRO; Sarah Clifford, CSIRO and The University of Newcastle; Marcel Maeder, The University of Newcastle
  3. Improving the efficiency of a chilled ammonia CO2 capture plant through solid formation: a thermodynamic analysis: 
    Matteo Gazzani, Daniel Sutter, Marco Mazzotti, ETH Zurich
  4. A framework for optimization and quantification of uncertainty and sensitivity for developing carbon capture systems: 
    JC Eslick, US DOE and Carnegie Mellon University; BM Ng, CH Tong, LLNL; NV Sahinidis, Carnegie Mellon University; DC Miller, USDOE

  5. Integrated dynamic modeling and advanced process control of carbon capture systems:
    Priyadarshi Mahapatra, JinLiang Ma, Stephen E Zitney, US DOE; Brenda Ng, LLNL; Taghrid Samak, LBNL; Debabgsu Bhattacharyya, West Virginia University
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015