7G Membranes

  1. CO2 capture by cold membrane operation: 
    David Hasse, Paul Terrienm Jean-Pierre Tranier, Sudhir Kulkarni, Ed Sanders, T Chaubey, Air Liquide
  2. Membrane sweep-assisted CO2 capture from natural gas combined cycle power plants:
    Xiaotong Wei, Tim Merkel, Richard Baker, Brice Freeman, Membrane Technology and Research Inc
  3. Energy efficient process for CO2 capture from flue gas with a novel fixed-site-carrier membrane: 
    Xuezhong He, May-Brit Hagg, NTNU; Taek-Joong Kim, SINTEF
  4. Siloxane-modified crosslinkable segmented polyimide copolymer membranes for CO2 removal from flue gas: 
    Jaesung Park, Kristofer L Gleason, Benny D freeman, The University of Texas at austin; Kyle E Gaines, Wenrui Zhang, Ansy T Shaver, Sue J Mecham, James E McGrath, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  5. A systematic method for membrane CO2 capture modeling and analysis:
    Simon Roussanaly, Rahul Arantharanaman, Karl Lindqvist, Amy Brunsvold, Jana Jakobsen, SINTEF
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015