7F Modelling: Transport, Trapping and Geochemical Reactions

  1. Pore scale heterogeneity in the mineral distribution and surface area of porous rocks: 
    Peter Lai, Samuel Krevor, Imperial College London
  2. On small-scale heterogeneity and CO2 plume migration in geological storage: 
    Boxiao Li, Sally M Benson, Stanford University
  3. Reactive transport modeling of stable carbon isotope fractionation during carbon sequestration: 
    Shuo Zhang, UC Berkeley; Donald J DePaolo, Liange Zheng, LBNL
  4. Numerical modeling of cemented wellbore leakage from storage reservoirs with secondary capture due to thief zones: 
    Dylan Harp, Rajesh Pawar, Carl Gable, LANL

  5. A history matching study of Nagaoka site for geochemical model calibration in reactive transport model: Using concentration changes of chemical species from post-injection water sampling data:
    Yuko Kawata, Ziqiu Xue, Saeko Mito, Takahiro Nakajima, RITE
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015