1. Life cycle assessment of post-combustion CO2 capture and CO2-enhanced oil recovery based on the Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage demonstration project in Saskatchewan: 
    Anastassia Manuilova, ArcticCan Energy Systems; Malcolm Wilson, University of Regina
  2. Sustainability assessment of carbon capture and storage deployment in OECD Europe: 
    Andrea Ramirez, Wouter Schakel, Utrecht Univerity; Tuva Grytli, Richard Wood, NTNU
  3. Lifecycle analysis of coal-fired power plants with CCS in China
    Wu Yujia, Xu Zhaofeng, Li Zheng, Tsinghua University
  4. Environmental due diligence of CO2 capture and utilization technologies – framework and application: 
    Rick Reijers, Bhawna Singh, Edgar G Hertwich, Anders Hammer Stroemman, NTNU; Mijndert w van der Spek, Wouter B Schakel, Andrea Ramirez, Utrecht University; Ragnhild Skagestad, Hans Askel Haugen, Nils Henrik Eldrup, Tel-Tek
  5. Life Cycle Assessment of natural gas-based chemical looping for hydrogen production:
    Letitia Petrescu, Calin C Cormos, Babes-Bolyai University; Christoph R Muller ETH Zurich
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015