7C Panel Discussion - Are we ready for ISO on CCS? TC265

Are we ready for CCS standards?  To help provide public and technical credibility and in support of CCS regulation, international CCS standards are currently being developed through ISO.   ISO TC265 on CCS is an international effort with over 200 participating experts from 18 countries and seven international organizations.  This panel will explain the CCS standards for all parts of the CCS chain, and discuss the rationale for the requirements and recommendations in the standards under development and their application to CCS projects.

Moderator: Jeff Walker; CSA Group; Secretary ISO TC265
Takayuki Higashii; RITE; ISO TC265/Capture WG
Peter Radgen; E.ON Technologie & Innovation; ISO TC265/Transportation WG
Andrew Duguid; Schlumberger Carbon Services; ISO TC265/Storage WG
Bo PENG; China University of Petroleum-Beijing; ISO TC265/Quantification and Verification WG
Bob Van Voorhees; US Carbon Sequestration Council; ISO TC265/Cross-cutting WG
Kipp Coddington, Kazmarek Mowrey Cloud Laseter, ISO TC265/CO2-EOR WG
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015