7B Trapping Mechnisms (1)

  1. The impact of reservoir conditions on CO2-brine relative permeability and the spatial distribution of fluids in sandstones:
    Catriona Reynolds, Martin Blunt, Sam Krevor, Imperial College London

  2. Reservoir condition pore scale imaging of the capillary trapping of CO2
    Matthew Andrew, Branko Bijelic, Martin Blunt, Imperial College London

  3. Experimental investigation of supercritical CO2 trapping mechanisms at the intermediate laboratory scale in well-defined heterogeneous porous media:
    Luca Trevisan, Ronny Pini, Tissa H Illangasekare, Colorado School of Mines; Jens T Birkholzer, Quanlin Zhou, LBNL

  4. Assessing the adsorption properties of mudrocks for CO2 sequestration: 
    Ronny Pini, Colorado School of Mines

  5. A study of residual CO2 trapping in sandstone rocks:
    Ben Niu, Ali Al-Menhali, Sam Krevor, Imperial College London
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015