7A Post Combustion: Pilot Plant Results and Process Analysis

  1. Technology Innovation & Advancements for Shell Cansolv CO2 capture solvents: 
    Mathew Campbell, Shell Cansolv
  2. Experimental and process modelling study of integration of a microturbine with an amine plant: 
    Elvis O Agbonghae, Thonm Best, Karen N Finney, Carolina Font Palma, Kevin J Hughes, Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Leeds
  3. Online monitoring of dissolved CO2 and MEA concentrations: Effect of solvent degradation on predictive accuracy: 
    LV van der Ham, AC van Eckeveld, C Sanchez Sanchez, ELV Goetheer, TNO
  4. System analysis of ionic liquids for postcombustion CO2 capture at coal-fired power plants: 
    Haibo Zhai, Edward S Rubin, Carnegie Mellon University

  5. Benchmarking and comparing first and second generation post combustion CO2 capture technologies:
    Philip Loldrup Fosbol, Jozsef Gaspar, DTU; Soren Ehlers, Hamberg University of Technology; Patrick Briot, IFP Energies Nouvelles; Cristina Sanchez Sanchez, TNO; Yann Le Moullec, EDF R&D; Hanne Kvamsdal, SINTEF
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015