6G Chemical Looping

  1. Innovative oxygen carriers uplifting chemical-looping combustion: 
    Tobias Mattisson, Anders Lyngfelt, Chalmers University of Technology; Juan Adanez, Instituto de Carbonuimica, Karl Mayer, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Fuel Technology and Environmental Technology; Frans Snijkers, VITO; Gareth Williams, Johnson Matthey; Evert Wesker, Shell Global Solutions; Otmar Bertsch, Josef Bertsch Gesellschaft
  2. Design and Operation of a coal-fired 50kwth chemical looping combustor:
    Juan Adanez, Alberto Abad, Raul Perez-Vega, Luis F de Diego, Francisco Garcia-Labiano, Pliar Gayan. ICB-CSIC

  3. Chemical-looping combustion of solid fuels – technology overview and recent operational results in a 100 kW Unit: 
    Anders Lyngfelt, Carl Linderholm, Matthias Schmitz, Chalmers University of Technology
  4. The performance of Fe2O3-CaO oxygen carriers and the interaction of iron oxides with CaO during chemical looping combustion and reforming
    Mohammad Ismail, Wen Liu, Stuart A Scott, University of Cambridge

  5. Combustion and reforming of ethanol in a chemical looping continuous unit:
    F Garcia-Labiano, A Abad, LF de Diego, E Garcia-Diez, A Serrano, P Gayan, J Adanez, ICB-CSIC
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015