6E Integration into Energy Systems

  1. Pulverized Coal CCS vs. Wind: Valuing the Dispatchability of Low Carbon Generators in Restructured Electricity Markets: 
    Kyle Borget, Jared Moore, Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Enhanced operating flexibility and optimised off-design operation of coal plants with post-combustion capture: 
    M Lucquiaud, Jon Gibbins, University of Edinburgh; N Mac Dowell, Imperial College London
  3. Challenges to integrate CCS into competitive electricity markets: 
    Filip Johnsson, Mikael Odenberger, Chalmers University of Technology
  4. Valuing CCS: Rescuing stranded fossil assets: 
    Victoria R Clark, Josh M Wolff, Howard J Herzog, MIT

  5. CO2 from Natural Gas Sweetening to Kick-Start EOR in the North Sea:
    Marit J Mazzetti, SINTEF; Nils H Eldrup, Tel-Tek and Telemark University
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015