6B Monitoring tools

  1. Looking for leakage or monitoring for public assurance?:
    Andrew Fietz, Geoscience Australia and CO2CRC; Greg Leamon, Geoscience Australia; Charles Jenkins, CO2CRC and CSIRO; Lee Spangler, Montana State University

  2. Atmospheric monitoring and detection of fugitive emissions for Enhanced Oil Recovery: 
    Jacquelyn Hurry, Dave Risk, Bjorn-Gustaf Brooks, Martin Lavoie, St. Fances Xavier University; Claire Louise Philips, Oregon State University; Mathias Goeckede, Max-Planck-Institute for BioChemistry

  3. A comparison of three methods for monitoring CO2 migration in soil and shallow subsurface in the Ressacada pilot site, Southern Brazil:
    Andresa Oliva, Hung Kiang Chang, Universidade Estadual Paulista; Clarissa Lovato Melo, Lisa Weigert Bressan, Marcelo Ketzer, Marcelo Jardim Constant, Pontificia Universidade Catolica; Helen Simone Chiaranda Lazzarin, Gabriel Cavalhão, Henry Xavier Corseuil, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarino; Andrea Moreira, PETROBRAS and UERJ

  4. Two monitoring experiments using the low-cost GasPro-pCO2 sensor system at the natural, offshore, CO2 leaking site near Panarea Island (Italy): the advantages of deploying multiple units for spatial and temporal monitoring in marine environments: 
    SE Beaubienm S Grazianim A Annunziatellis, S Bigim S lombardi, Universita de Rome

  5. Monitoring dissolved CO2 in groundwater for CO2 leakage detection in a shallow aquifer:
    Changbing Yang, Patrick Mickler, The University of Texas at Austin; Straun philips, Narciso Guzman, Jesus Delgado, Intelligent Optical Systems
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015