5F Risk Assessment and Management (2)

  1. Benefits and costs of brine extraction as a pressure mitigation tool for geologic CO2 sequestration: 
    Casie L Davidson, David J Watson, James J Dooley, Robert T Dahowski, PNNL
  2. Optimization of field-scale surface dissolution with thermoelastic constraints: 
    Yun Wu, Steven L Bryant, The University of Texas at Austin
  3. Theoretical and experimental study of controls on CO2 dissolution and CH4 outgassing rates: 
    Yuan Liu, Toti E Larson, Jean-Philippe Nicot, The University of Texas at Austin
  4. Key factors for determining risk of groundwater impacts due to leakage from geologic carbon sequestration reservoirs: 
    Susan A Carroll, Kayyaum Namsoor, Yunwei Sun, Whiteny Trainor-Guitton, LLNL; Elizabeth Keating, Zhenxue Dai, LANL; Chris Brown, Diana Bacon, PNNL

  5. Reduced order models for prediction of groundwater quality impacts from CO2 and brine leakage:
    Liange Zheng, Marco Bianchi, Nicolas Spycher, Jens Birkholzer, LBNL; Kayyum Mansoor, Yunwei Sun, Susan Carroll, LLNL
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015