5E System Cost Analysis

  1. Current and future power generation technologies: Pathways to reducing the cost of carbon capture for coal-fueled power plants: 
    Kirstin Gerdes, Robert Stevens, Timothy Fout, James Black, Walter Shelton, NETL
  2. BIGCCS contributions toward reducing the cost of CCS: 
    Simon Roussanaly, Amy Brunsvold, Jana Jakobsen, Erik Hognes, SINTEF
  3. Modelling the deployment of CO2 storage in U.S. gas bearing shales: 
    Casie L Davidson, Robert T Dahowski, James J Dooley, B Peter McGrail, PNNL
  4. Early opportunities of CCS deployment in coal chemical industry in China: 
    Ning Wei, Xiaochun Li Shengnan Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  5. Post-combustion CO2 capture from natural gas combined cycles by solvent supported membranes:
    Alberto de Milano, Matteo C Romano, Davide M Turi, Paolo Chiesa, Politecnico de Milano; Minh T Ho, Dianne Wiley, CO2CRC
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015