5A Solvent Degradation and Emissions

  1. Oxygen and temperature effect on formation of degradation compounds from MEA: 
    Solrun Johanne Velvestad, SINTEF; Maren T Johansen, Hanna Knuutlia, Hallvard F Svendsen, NTNU
  2. Minimizing solvent degradation and corrosion using a multifunctional additive: 
    Payal Chandan, James Landon, Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky
  3. Effect of MEA's degradation products on corrosion at CO2 capture plants: 
    Georgios Fytianos, Hanna Knuutila, Hallvard F Svendsen, NTNU; Andreas Grimstvedt, SINTEF
  4. Controlling amine mist formation in CO2 capture from Residual Catalytic Cracker (RCC) flue gas: 
    Otto Morten Bade, Jacob Knudsen, Oddvar Gorset, Inga Askestad, Aker Solutions

  5. Atmospheric chemistry modelling of amine emissions from post combustion CO2 capture technology:
    Saba Manzoor, Anna Korre, Sevket Durucan, Alexandra Simperler, Imperial College London
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015