4F Risk Assessment and Management (1)

  1. Impact of seismic events on seal integrity, Texas Gulf Coast: 
    Jean-Philippe Nicot, Timothy A Meckel, David A Carr, The University of Texas at Austin; Curtis Oldenburg, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  2. Quantitative risk assessment for scenario of CO2 migration through fault within a large-scale geological storage site: 
    Y Le Gallo, T Acosta, Geogreen; A Thoroval, INERIS; P Willaume, Phimeca
  3. CO2 storage uncertainty and risk assessment for the post-closure period at the Ketzin pilot site in Germany: 
    Rajesh Govindan, Anna Korre, Ji-Quan Shi, Sevket Durucan, Imperial College London; Ben Norden, Thomas Kempka, GFZ
  4. Quantification of key long-term risks at CO2 sequestration sites: Latest results from US DOE's National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) Project: 
    Rajesh Pawar, Shaoping Chu, Philip Stauffer, LANL; Grant Bromhal, Robert Dilmore, George Guthrie, NETL; Susan Carroll, LLNL; Curt Oldenburg, Yingqi Zhang, LBNL; Jason Gastelum, PNNL

  5. Development of improved caprock integrity analysis and risk assessment techniques: Michael S Bruno, Kang lao, Julia Diessl, Bill Childers, Jing Xiang, Nicky White, Ellen van deer Veer, GeoMechanics Technologies
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015