4D Demonstration Projects

  1. Start-up of world’s largest post combustion coal fired CCS project: Contribution of Shell Cansolv to SaskPower Boundary Dam CCS Project: 
    Karl Stéphenne, Shell Cansolv

  2. Commercial-scale CCS project in Decatur, Illinois – construction status and operational plans for demonstration: 
    Sai Gollakota,NETL; Scott McDonald, Archer Daniels Midland Company
  3. Ferrybridge CCPilot100+ operating experience and final test results:
    FD Fitzgerald, SA Hume, Doosan Babcock; G McGough, SSE; K Damen, Vattenfall AB

  4. Tomakomai CCS demonstration project in Japan, 2014 Update:
    Masanori Abe, Yoshihiro Sawada, Daiji Tanase, Toshikazu Ito, Tetsu Kasukawa, Japan CCS Co.

  5. Performance and modelling of the pre-combustion capture pilot plant at the Buggenum IGCC:
    Kay Damen, Richard Faber, Radoslaw, Vattenfall R&D Projects; Eric van Djik, ECN; Cartsen Trapp, Delf University; Lukas Valenz, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015