4A Aerosols and Nitrosamines

  1. Demonstrating emission reduction – results from the post-combustion capture pilot plant at Niederaussem: 
    Peter Moser, Sandra Schmidt, Knut Stahl, RWE Power AG; Gerald Vorberg, Gustavo A Lozano, BASF SE; Torsten Stoffregen, Frank Rösler, Linde- Engineering

  2. Amine aerosol generation, characterization, and mitigation in CO2 capture: 
    Steven M Fulk, Eric Chen, Gary T Rochelle, The Univeristy of Texas at Austin

  3. Understanding the aerosols based emission in post combustion CO2 capture process:
    Viknesan Ganesan, University of Delft; Purvil Khakharia, Earl Goetheer, TNO

  4. Destructing nitrosamines in post-combustion CO2 capture: 
    Payal Chandan, Jesse Thompsen, Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky
  5. NOx absorption into aqueous amines: 
    Nathan A Fine, Gary T Rochelle, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015