3G Sorbent Systems (3)

  1. Model-based process design of adsorption processes for CO2 capture in the presence of moisture: 
    M Hefti, D Marx, L Joss, M Mazotti, ETH Zurich
  2. Full-plant analysis of a PSA CO2 capture unit integrated in coal-fired power plants: post- and pre-combustion scenarios:
    Luca Riboldi, Olav Bolland, NTNU; Nicola Wagner, Jacob M Ngoy, University of Witwatersand
  3. Calcium looping with enhanced sorbent performance: Experimental testing in a large pilot: 
    M Elena Diego, Borja Arias, Calros Abanades, Luis Diaz, CSIC-INCAR; Maria Lorenzo, Hunosa; Andres Sanchez-Biezma, Endesa Generacion; Javier Alvarez, Foster Wheeler Energia
  4. Efficiency and flexibility potential for calcium looping CO2 capture: 
    Heiko Dieter, Guenter Scheffknecht, University of Stuttgart

  5. Calcium looping cycle for CO2 capture: Performance, cost and feasibility analysis:
    Hari C Mantripragada, Edward S Rubin, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015