3F Site Characterisation and Assessment

  1. Application of multicriteria algorthm to select suitable areas using CO2SiteAssess software.: 
    Bernardo Llamas, Angel Camara, Technical University of Madrid
  2. High-resolution 3D seismic investigations of the overburden above potential CCS sites of the inner Texas shelf, Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.: 
    TA Meckel, R Trevino, The Univeristy of Texas at Austin
  3. Bonaparte Basin CO2 storage study in offshore Northern Australia and the significance of regional modelling for national assessments
    C Consoli, K Higgins, K Khider, D Lescinsky, R Morris, V Ngyuen, Geoscience Australia
  4. Subsurface characterisation of a saline aquifer cited for commercial scale CO2 disposal: 
    Steve Furnival, Scott Dingwall, Simon Wright, Philip Bailey, Alastair Brown, National Grid Carbon and AGR Tracs International; Rohan De Silva, National Grid Carbon

  5. Variations in mineralization potential for CO2 related to sedimentary facies setting and burial depth – a comparative study from the North Sea:
    Anja Sundal, Helge Hellevang, Henning Dypvik, Johann Petter Nystuen, Matthieu Angeli, Per Aagaard, University of Oslo
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015