3E Policy issues

  1. CCS for trade-exposed sectors: an evaluation of incentive policies: 
    Simon Bennett, Wolf Heidug, Ellina Levina, IEA
  2. Developments towards environmental regulation of CCUS projects in China: 
    Lan-Cui Lui, Bofeng Cai, Center for Climate and Environmental Policy; Gregory Leamon, Geoscience Australia; Qi Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  3. CCS Implementation in the Netherlands
    Chris Hendriks, Joris Koorneef, Ecofys
  4. The role of UNFCCC mechanisms in the demonstration and deployment of CCS technologies: 
    Paul Zakkour, Carbon Counts; Wolfgang Heidug, IEA; John Scowcroft, Global CCS Institute

  5. Policy implications of monetized leakage risk from geologic CO2 storage reservoirs:
    Hang Deng, Jeffrey P Fitts, Catherine Peters, Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University; Jeffrey M Bielicki, Ohio State University
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015