3B Geophysical Monitoring

  1. Analysis of microseismic monitoring performance at the Rousse CO2 Storage demonstration pilot:
    Xavier Payre, Total; Christophe Maisons, Magnitude

  2. Microseismic monitoring, event occurrence, and the relationship to subsurface geology:
    Robert Will, Valerie Smith, Schlumberger Carbon Services; Hannes Leetaru, Jared Frieberg, Illinois State Geological Survey

  3. Monitoring CO2 Storage at Cranfield, Mississippi with time-lapse offset VSP – Using integration and modeling to reduce uncertainty:
    Thomas M Daley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Joel Hendrickson, Steelhead Geophysical; John H Queen, Hi-Q Geophysical

  4. Utilization of seismic attenuation in the monitoring of CO2 geological storage project: 
    Hiroyuki Azuma, Ziqiu Xue, RITE; Toshifumi Matsuoka, Kyoto University

  5. CO2 storage: leakage detection and measurement in 3D subsurface volumes:
    Andy Chadwick, Ben Merchant, Gareth Williams, John Williams, BGS
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015