2D Transport: CO2 Safety and Quality

  1. Corrosion and bulk phase reactions in CO2 transport pipelines with impurities: review of recent published studies: 
    Arne Dugstad, Malgorzata Halseid, Bjørn Morland, Institute for Energy Technology
  2. Impact of CO2 impurity on CO2 compression, liquefaction and transportation:
    B Wetenhall, SD BEnson, JM Race, Newcastle University; H Chalmers, M-C Ferrari, J Li, University of Edinburgh; P Singh, J Davison, IEAGHG

  3. Update of DNV recommended practice with focus on CO2 corrosion with impurities
    Jock Brown, Brit Graver, Kaare Helle, DNV; Arne Dugstad, Bjørn Morland, Institute for Energy Technology

  4. Large scale CO2 releases for dispersion model and safety study validation
    Hamish Holt, Jock Brown, Kaare Helle, DNV Oil and Gas

  5. Understanding dense phase CO2 corrosion problems leads to CCS solutions:
    Kumar Patchigolla, John E Oakey, Edward J Anthony, Cranfield University

  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015