2B Storage Case Studies (2)

  1. The Green River natural analogue as a field laboratory to study the long-term fate of CO2 in the subsurface:
    Andreas Busch, Jeroen Snippe, Shell Global Solutions International; Niko Kampman, University of Cambridge, Lancaster University and BGS; Suzanne Hangx, Shell Global Solutions International and Utrecht University; Mike Bickle, Hazel Chapman, Alexandra Maskell, Univeristy of Cambridge; Peter Bertier, RWTH Aachen Univeristy; James P Evans, Utah State University; Jon Harrington, Simon Kemp, BGS; Elisenda Bakker, Jon Samuelson, Chris Spiers, Utrecht Univeristy; Georg Nover, Bonn Univeristy
  2. Injection and monitoring at the Wallula Basalt sequestration pilot project:
    BP McGrail, FA Spane, JE Amonette, G Hund, CF Brown, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  3. Experimental and modelling study of storage of CO2 and impurities in a depleted gas field in northeast Netherlands: 
    Panteha Bolourinejad, Rien Herber, University of Groningen
  4. Hydro-mechanical simulations for assessment of CO2 injection impacts on the mechanical integrity of the storage system at the Vedsted site, Denmark:
    Elena Tiller, Thomas Kempka, GFZ; Ji-Quan Shi, Giacomo Bacci, Imperial College London; Carsten M Neilsen, peter Frykman, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland; Finn Dalhoff, COWI A/S

  5. Quality control of porosity changes predicted by geochemical modelling in CCS case studies: 
    Jeroen Snippe, Shell Global Solution International
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015