1G Sorbent Systems (1)

  1. Test operation results of the 10 MWe-scale dry-sorbent CO2 capture process integrated with a real coal-fired power plant in Korea: 
    Young Cheol Park, Sung-Ho Jo, Jae-Young Kim, Chang-Keun Yi, Korea Institute of Energy Research; Chong Kul Ryu, Korea Electric Power Cooperation Research Institute; Myung Sik Shin, Korea Southern Power Company
  2. Experimental characterization and mechanistic simulation of CO2 adsorption/desorption processes for potassium promoted hydrotalcite sorbent:
    Yi Yang, Yixiang Shi, Ningsheng Cai, Tshinghua University
  3. Recent advances in micro-encapsulated carbon sorbents: 
    Joshuah K Stolaroff, John J Vericella, William L Bourcier, Roger D Aines, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Lisa M Rimpf, George Farthing, Babcock & Wilcox Research Center
  4. In-situ XRD studies of dolomite based CO2 sorbents:
    Bjørnar Arstad, Anna Lind, Kari Anne Andreassen, Joanna Pierchala, Knut Thorshuang, Richard Blom, SINTEF
  5. Selection of optimal solid sorbents for CO2 capture based on gas phase CO2 composition:
    Adam H Berger, Abhoyjit S Bhown, EPRI
  • Friday, 17 July 2015