1F Wellbore Integrity

  1. Experimental and numerical investigations into CO2 interactions with well infrastructure and its implication on long term well integrity: 
    Amer Syed, Ji-Quan Shi, Sevket Durucan, Anna Korre, Graham Nash, Imperial College London
  2. Time-dependent fluid migration from a storage formation via leaky wells: 
    Nicolas J. Huerta, Brian R. Strazisar, NETL; Steven L. Bryant, Marc A. Hesse, The Univeristy of Texas at Austin 
  3. Integrity of a 67 year old well at a CO2 injection project: 
    Andrew Duguid, Robert Butsch, Schlumberger Carbon Services; J. William Carey, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  4. Geomechanical behavior of caprock and cement: plasticity in hydrodynamic seals: 
    J William Carey, Hiroko Mori, Diana B. Brown, Rajesh Pawar, Los Alamos National Laboratory

  5. 1:1 scale wellbore experiment and associated modelling for a better understanding of well integrity in the context of CO2 geological storage:
    JC Manceau, J Tremosa, P Audigane, F Claret, BRGM; LJ Wasch, TNO; F Gheraradi, IGG-CNR; O Ukelis, A Dimier, EIFER; C Nussbaum, SWISSTOPO; Y Lettry, T Fierz, SOLEXPERTS
  • Friday, 17 July 2015