1E CCS in Cement Sector

  1. Technical feasibility validation and cost assessment of oxycombustion for carbon capture on retrofitted cement plant: 
    Michael Gimenez, Colin Paxton, Lafarge; Henrik Wassard, Morten Drivsholm, Ole Mogensen, FLSmidth; Xavier Paubel, Matthieu Leclerc, Patrice Cavagné, Nicolas Perrin, Air Liquide
  2. Multi-stage and hybrid membrane processes for CO2 capture from cement industry: 
    Karl Lindqvist, Rahul Anantharaman, David Berstad, SINTEF
  3. CO2 capture in the cement industry Norcem CO2 Capture Project (Norway): 
    Liv Berge, Per Brevik, HeidelbergCement
  4. Alstom's regenerative calcium cycle Norcem derisking: Risk mitigation in the development of 2nd generation CCS technologies: 
    Michael Balfe, Alstom

  5. Application of molten carbonate fuel cells in cement kilns for CO2 capture and clean power generation:
    Marizio Spinelli, Matteo C. Romano, Stefano Consonni, Stefano Campanari, Politecnico di Milano; Maurizio Marchi, Giovanni Cinti, G.T.V. Italcementi Group
  • Friday, 17 July 2015