1D Source Sink Matching

  1. Scenarios and new technologies for a North-European CO2 transport infrastructure in 2050: 
    Lauri Kujanpää, Jouko Ritola, Sebastian Teir, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; Nicklas Nordbäck, Geological Survey of Finland
  2. Definition of CCS provinces with multi-criteria and least cost path analysis: 
    Julia F Carneiro, Paulo Mesquita, University of Evora
  3. Start of a CO2 hub in Rotterdam: connecting CCS and CCU:
    Menos Ros, Andy Read, Jan Uilenreef, Maasvlakte CCS Project C.V; Jacob Limbeek, OCAP CO2 

  4. Ship transport of CO2 - breaking the CO2-EOR deadlock
    Filip Neele, TNO; Hans Askel Haugen, Tel-Tek

  5. System integration linking CO2 sources, sinks, and infrastructure for the Ordos Basin, China: 
    Philip Stauffer, Richard Middleton, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Bai Bing, Chinese academy of Sciences; Kevin Ellett, John Rupp, Li Xiochun, Indiana Geological Survey
  • Friday, 17 July 2015