1C Biomass with CCS

  1. Bio-CCS: feasibility comparison of large scale carbon-negative solutions: 
    Antti Arasto, Kristin Onarheim, Eemeli Tsupari, Janne Karki, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

  2. Feasibility of significant CO2 emission reductions in thermal power plants – comparison of biomass and CCS: 
    Antti Arasto, Janne Kärki, Eemeli Tsupari,  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; Risto Sormunen, Kalevi Kankkunen, Timo Korpinen, Fortum Power & Heat Oy
  3. How  far can negative biofuels with CCS take us and at what cost? Refining the economic potential of biofuel production with CCS using spatially-explicit modeling: 
    Nils Johnson IISASA; Nathan Parker, Joan Ogden, Univeristy of California
  4. Incentivising and accounting for negative emission technologies: 
    Paul Zakkour, Carbon Counts; Jasmin Kemper, Tim Dixon, IEAGHG

  5. Energy for CO2 capture: use of an auxiliary biomass combined heat and power unit:
    Zakieh Khorshidi, Minh T. Ho, Dianne E Wiley, CO2CRC and The Univeristy of New South Wales
  • Friday, 17 July 2015