1B Storage Case Studies (1)

  1. Characterization of the Aquistore CCS site, Saskatchewan, Canada:
    Ben Rostron, Rick Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta; Don White, Geological Survey of Canada, Chris Hawkes, University of Saskatchewan
  2. Integrated reservoir monitoring at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project:
    Marcia L Couëslan, Robert Butsch, Robert Will, Jim Kirksey, Schlumberger Carbon Services; Randall A. Locke II, Illinois State Geological Survey
  3. A new and extended Sleipner benchmark model for CO2 storage simulations in the Utsira Formation: 
    Andrew Cavanagh, Bamshad Nazarian, Statoil Research Centre
  4. CO2 storage capacity evaluation in deep saline aquifers for an industrial pilot selection. Methodology and results of the France Nord project:
    A.G. Bader, BRGM; S. Thibeau, D. Copin, TOTAL; O. Vincke,  F. Delprat Jannaud, IFP Energies Nouvelles; S. Saysset, GDF Suez; G.H Joffre, Storengy; F. Giger, EDF; M. David, Air Liquide; M. Gimenez, Lafarge; A. Dieulin, Vallourec

  5. Jingbian CCS Project, China: Second year of injection, measurement, monitoring and verification: 
    Jinfeng Ma, Xiaoli Zhang, Yinmao Wei, Zhenliang Wang, Junjie Ma, Lin li, Northwest University; Xiangzeng Wang, Ruimin Gao, Chunxia Huang, Shaojing Jiang, Huagui Yu, Hong Wang, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Co. Ltd.
  • Friday, 17 July 2015