1A Post Combustion: Process Analysis

  1. Concentrated aqueous piperazine as CO2 capture solvent: Detailed evaluation of the integration with a power plant:
    L.V. van der Ham, P.van Os, E.L.V Goetheer, TNO; M.C Romano, D. Bonalumi, Politecnico di Milano; H.M. Kvamsdal, SINTEF

  2. Energetic evaluation of different flow sheet modifications of post-combustion CO2 capture plant at coal and natural gas fired power plant for a generic improved solvent: 
    Soeren Ehlers, Volker Roeder, Alfons Kather, Hamburg University of Technology; Prachi Singh, John Davison, IEAGHG

  3. Rate-based modeling of regeneration process for CO2 capture by aqueous ammonia solution in a pilot plant at Munmorah power station:
    Jigwen Yu, Shujuan Wang, Tsinghua University; Hai Yu, CSIRO

  4. Optimization of advanced flash stripper for CO2 capture using piperazine:
    Yu-Jeng Lin, Gary T Rochelle, The University of Texas at Austin

  5. Absorber intercooling configurations using aqueous piperazine for capture from Sources with 4 to 27% CO2:
    Darshan Sachde, Gary T Rochelle, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Thursday, 16 July 2015