11G Industrial Capture Initiatives

  1. Effect of combinations of novel amine solvents, process and packing at IHI's Aioi pilot plant:
    Shiko Nakamura, Yasuro Yamanaka, Toshiya Matsuyama, Shinya Okuno, Hiroshi Sato, Jian Huang, Yoshiyuki Iso, IHI Corporation
  2. Cost effective CO2 capture from flue gas for increasing methanol plant production: 
    Satish Reddy, John Gilmartin, Joseph Yonkoski, Mukund Bhakta, Fluor Enterprises
  3. Pilot-scale demonstration of an advanced aqueous amine-based post-combustion capture technology for CO2 capture from power plant flue gases: 
    Torsten Stoffregen, Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH; Sean Rigby, BASF Corporation; Stevan Jovanovic, Krish R Krishnamurthy, Linde LLC

  4. Shell Cansolv’s CO2 capture technology: Achievement from first commercial plant:
    Ajay Singh, Karl Stephenne, Shell Cansolv
    Recent developments in the UNO MK 3 process – A low cost, environmentally benign precipitating solvent process for CO2 capture

  5. Recent Developments in the UNO MK 3 Process – A Low Cost, Environmentally Benign Precipitating Solvent Process for CO2 Capture
    Clare Anderson, Barry Hooper, Abdul Qader, Trent Harkin, Kathryn Smith, Kathryn Mumford, Jai Pandit, Minh Ho, Andrew Lee, Nathan Nicolas, Indrawan, Jeffri Gouw, James Xiao, Navin Thanumurthy, Nick Temple, Geoff Stevens, Dianne Wiley, CO2CRC

  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015