11F Injectivity

  1. Impact of sub seismic heterogeneity on CO2 injectivity: 
    Min Jin, Eric Mackay, Heriot -Watt University; Simon Mathias, Durham University
  2. Fines migration and permeability evolution in sandstone outcrop and storage rock due to injection of CO2-saturated brine and wet supercritical CO2
    Stefan Iglauer, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Maxim Lebedev, Curtin University
  3. Experiments and modeling of variably permeable carbonate reservoir samples in contact with CO2-acidified brines: 
    Megan Smith, Yue Hao,  Harris Mason, Susan Carroll, LLNL
  4. The relationship between kh and achievable rates of injection, and repercussions for large scale storage: 
    Abraham Frei-Pearson, Steven Bryant, The University of Texas at Austin

  5. Reduced physics modeling of CO2 injectivity:
    Priya Ravi Ganesh, Srikanta Mishra, Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015