11D Dispersion of CO2

    1. Numerical simulation of CO2 dispersion from punctures and ruptures of buried high pressure dense phase CO2 pipelines with experimental validation: 
      Christopher J Wareing, Michael Fairweather, Robert M Woolley, Samuel AEG Falle, University of Leeds
    2. Pipelines for transporting CO2 in the UK:
      Russel Cooper, Julian Barnett, National Grid Carbon

    3. Advanced CO2 dispersion simulation technology for improved CCS safety:
      Kjell Erik Rian, Bård Grimsmo, Bjørn Erling Vembe, Nils Inge Lilleheie, Brynjar Lakså, Trond Evanger, Computational Industry Technologies AS; Eivind Brox, NTNU

    4. Experiments and modelling of two-phase transient flow during pipeline depressurization of CO2 with various N2 compositions: 
      Michael Drescher, Rudolf Held, Gelein de koeijer, Statoil ASA, Kristofer Varholm, Svend T Munkejord, Morten Hammer, SINTEF

    5. CO2PIPEHAZ: Quantitative Hazard Assessment for Next Generation CO2 Pipelines:
    6. Haroun Mahgerefteh, Sergey Martynov, Solomon Brown, University of London; Michael Fairweather, Robert M Woolley, Christopher J. Wareing, Samuel A.E.G. Falle, University of Leeds; Vagesh D. Narasimhamurthy, Idar E. Storvik, Trygve Skjold, GexCon AS; Ioannis G. Economou, Dimitrios M. Tsangaris, Georgios C. Boulougouris, Nikolaos Diamantonis, National Research Centre for Physical Sciences; Laurence Cusco, Mike Wardman, Simon E. Gant, Jill Wilday, Health and Safety Laboratory; Yong Chun Zhang, Shaoyun Chen, Dalian University of Technology; Christophe Proust, Jerome Hebrard, Didier Jamois, INERIS


  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015