11B Storage Capacity (2)

  1. Approach to evaluating the CO2 storage capacity in Devonian deep saline aquifers for emissions from oil sands operations in the Athabasca Area, Canada:
    Stefan Bachu, Rares Bistran, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures; Anatoly Melnik, WorleyParsons, Canada

  2. The U.S. Geological Survey CO2 resource storage efficiency value methodology: results and observations: 
    Sean T Brennan, US Geological Survey

  3. Methodology for assessing CO2 storage potential of organic-rich shale formations:
    Angela Goodman, Isis Fukai, Dan Soeder, Grant Bromhal, Brian Strazisar, Bob Dilmore, George Guthrie, Traci Rodosta, NETL

  4. Project-based storage capacity and project maturity: 
    PR Neal, W Hou, CO2CRC and The University of New South Wales; GA Allinson, The University of New South Wales

  5. A workflow to determine CO2 storage potential in deep saline formations:
    Robert CL Klenner, Wesley D Peck, Scott C Ayash, Charles D Gorecki, Jason R Braunberger, Guoxiang Liu, Neil Dotzenrod, The Energy & Envorinmental Center
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015