10F Storage Engineering

  1. Managing CO2 storage resources in a mature CCS future: 
    Jonathan Pearce, Michelle Bentham, Karen Kirk, BGS; Sue Hovorka, The University of Texas at Austin; Serge can gessel, TNO; Bob Pegler, BBB Energy Pty Ltd; Samantha Neades, Tim Dixon, IEAGHG
  2. Targeted pressure management during CO2 sequestration: Optimization of well placement and brine extraction in a heterogeneous reservoir: 
    Jens Birkholzer, Abdullah Cihan, Marco Bianchi, LBNL
  3. Does numerical modelling of the onset of dissolution – convection reliably reproduce this key stabilization process in CO2 Storage?: 
    Karen Kirk, Hayley Vosper, Chris Rochelle, Dave Noy, Andy Chadwick, BGS
  4. Pre-injection brine production for managing pressure in compartmentalized CO2 storage reservoirs: 
    Thomas A Buscheck, Joshua White, Mingjie Chen, YunWei Sun, Yue Hao, Jeffrey M Bielicki, LLNL
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015