10C Capture Demonstrations

  1. The Peterhead-Goldeneye gas post-combustion CCS project:
    Bill Spence, Denise Horan, Owain Tucker, Shell UK

  2. Current status of MHI CO2 capture plant technology, 500 TPD CCS demonstration of test results and reliable technologies applied to coal fired flue gas: 
    Tatsuya Tsujuichi, Masayuki Inui, Takahito Yonekawa,  Takuya Hirata, Hiromitsu Nagayusu, Takashi Kamijo, Yasuo Kubota, MHI; Todd Wall Jerrad Thomas, Southern Company Services

  3. Advanced Amine Process Technology Operations and Results from Demonstration Facility at EDF Le Havre:
    Barath Baburao, Paula Restrepo, Alstom Power; Craig Schubert, Dow Chemical Company; Islem Haji, Fabrice Chopin, √Člectricit√© de France

  4. HTC solvent reclaimer system at Searles Valley Minerals Facility in Trona, California: 
    Walid ElMoudir, Ahmed Aboudheir, HTC CO2 Systems Corp; James Fairchild, Searles Valley Minerals
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015