GHGT-14 Paper Submission

The Call for papers for the GHGT-14 conference will open on the 1st September.

The Techncial Programme Committee would like to invite papers under the following themes, please refer to the full call for papers for details of subthemes

  • Advances in capture technology development
  • Developments in CO2 geological storage
  • Developments in other storage options for CO2
  • CCS for industrial sources (non-power)
  •  CO2 transport and infastructure development
  • Towards negative CO2 emissions
  • CO2 utilisation options
  • Demonstration projects and major international and national CCS research, development and demonstration programmes
  • CCS technology assessemnt, cost and system integration
  • Perceptions of CCS and education activities
  • Energy, climate change and CCS polcies
  • Legal and regulatory aspects of CCS and long term liability for CO2 storage
  • Abatement of Non-CO2 greenhouse gases from geological activities

Front cover GHGT 14 CFP extended final

Step 1:Register an account

Step 2: submit your abstract (opens 1st September) All abstracts must be submitted using the template Click here to download 

Deadline for submission 31st December 2017


Elsevier have ceased to publish conference proceedings in Engery Procedia, so in a change from the past few conferences, full papers will be published online by an alternative publishing organisation . As with Elsevier the proceedings will be fully citable and indexed in major databases and accessible through the normal search engines. ( Google, Google Scholar etc) Alternatively, authors will be able to opt for their full papers to be considered for inclusion in a Virtual Special Issue (VSI) of the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (IJGGC). The Technical Programme Committee hopes to include approximately 10% of papers submitted to the conference to the VSI.