GHGT-13 Venue

The SwissTech Convention Center

It is not a mere coincidence that the SwissTech Convention Center was built on a campus. The convention center, opened in April 2014, is situated on the north side of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the EPFL, ranked among the best universities in the world. With over 10,000 students, numerous laboratories and multinationals, and dozens of startups, the SwissTech Convention Center was conceived as an exceptional place to meet and exchange ideas in the fields of science, culture and economy.

The SwissTech Convention Center has benefited from the expertise of the best engineers and architects of our time. The building is unique and innovative, boasts an exceptional modularity and complies with sustainable development standards.

A space that lives
Immediately adjacent to the center is a new shopping arcade with a wide variety of stores, as well as housing for 516 students and an underground parking. Direct links to the M1 metro and bus lines provide easy access to public transportation.

Earth, water, sun: a building built to last 
The EPFL has always had a strong commitment to sustainable development. With the construction of the SwissTech Convention Center, the EPFL has taken this commitment one step further, incorporating renewable energies in the most efficient way possible: water from Lake Geneva and geothermal pillars supporting the structure of the building are used for heating and cooling; and Grätzel photovoltaic panels on the western facade of the building simultaneously produce electricity and prevent the inside of the center from overheating.

The SwissTech Convention Center stands apart from other major convention centers thanks to its flexible capacity and variable number of conference rooms. The building’s design allows for the joining of two or three auditoriums into one; it also allows for variability in the number of seats in each space, which can be doubled in a matter of minutes. This modularity is based on two mechanisms: a system of sliding walls, and the Gala Venue technology.

Up to 3000 people
The SwissTech Convention Center adapts to your needs and allows you to envisage multiple configurations for your event. Gala Venue technology allows the customization of each space and the number of seats to the needs of each organizer. The technology is based on a system of motorized pivots, hidden below the floor, which automates the rotation of seats from below to above the plenary room floor. In a mere 15 minutes the configuration can be changed from theater-style where all seats are visible, to classroom-style where every second row of seats is hidden beneath the floor. With the Gala Venue system, it also possible to have a flat floor. In this case, all seats are hidden and the rows are all leveled to the same height.

Natural light abounds

The center’s shape and structure allow for harmonious event layouts and foster a welcoming atmosphere. Most importantly, the space features many glass panels allowing for a maximum of natural light to flow through the building on all levels. For the wellbeing of our guests, each space has an optimal level of light.

Many organisers, nationally and internationally are choosing and booking the SwissTech Convention Centrer since its opening. Because they want their productions to benefit from this exceptional tool in an exceptional situation, in French speaking Switzerland.